Magic Lines Slots

Experience the timeless charm of Magic Lines by Betsoft, a three reel slot game. Win cash prizes, by landing matching combinations of fruits or bells on up to 5 winlines. Get ready for a Repeater feature that can multiply your wins further. Magic Lines offers this feature allowing you to maximize your winnings. You can enjoy this game at casinos, where you have the option to play for real money or try it out in demo mode. There's also a mobile Magic Lines. Its good for iOS and Android, and a real pleasure to play on any gaming device. So try it now and start winning!

About Magic Lines

Magic Lines takes place on three reels with a total of five paylines. It's important to note that the return to player percentage is 92%, which might be considered low. If you came here expecting symbols, autoplay gaming modes, multipliers, random jackpot, scatter and free spins however Magic Lines is not that kind of game. It embraces its old school nature. Focuses more, on delivering the essence of slot machines with their charming bells and fruit symbols. This classic Betsoft slot game takes an approach. Challenges players to find matching combinations of fruits or bells across, up to five different paylines. If you think you have what it takes you could soon be rewarded with some deserved winnings.. If you're not up for the challenge maybe it's time to move on and explore a game find a fresh rhythm.

Symbols & Paytable

When it comes to visuals Magic Lines embraces the style of old school slot machines from the 1980s. The game features a 3x3 reel grid with a paytable on the side displaying the values associated with getting three matching symbols. The symbols include fruits like pears, lemons oranges, blueberries, grapes well as bells and cherries. It's worth noting that there isn't variation in payouts, between symbols. Three symbols will reward you with 20 coins. Therefore there is no jackpot to aim for. Instead you'll have to manage with the aspect limited as it may be.

Betting Options & Theme & Design

In the game Magic Lines players can place a maximum of two coins, per line with the coin value set at 20. The minimum requirement is one coin per line and the smallest coin value is $0.02. According to my calculations the highest possible bet per line is $40 resulting in a bet of $200 per spin. The top prize available is $800. All three reels will spin randomly. If you have at one set of matching symbols on an active payline that amount will be added to your winnings. You'll notice flashing arrows on the corner indicating that you have the option to try repeating your wins. To attempt this press "Stop" when the Stop light is on. If you press "Stop" when the light isn't on your wins will remain stored in the machine until your play.

Repeater Bonus

Above the three reel grid in Magic Lines there's a panel called Repeater that displays a circuit of arrows along with tabs for Bet, Win and Credits. Adjacent, to this circuit panel is another panel featuring upward pointing red arrows. To successfully progress to the round your main objective is to press the Start/Stop button when both the Stop sign and the arrows are illuminated. In round two you will gain access, to a feature where you must hit Stop when the lights align with the Repeater symbol. If you can accomplish this feat of skill you will receive double the normal payout. This bonus round rewards your timing and physical ability than mere luck. It requires speed and dexterity so lets hope your reflexes are quick like a cats. During the Repeater feature aim to press "Stop" at the moment so that the light halts, on the Repeater symbol. Doing successfully will multiply your winnings. However if you hit "Stop" at a time the feature will. Any accumulated winnings will be transferred to your balance.